Thursday, June 5, 2008

are you from

For the past month, this blog has been getting lots (and I mean LOTS) of visitors coming from a Web site called in the Slovak Republic. The Web site is written in Slovak, so I am having a difficult time trying to figure out why folks from are coming here.

If you are a visitor from from, I'd greatly appreciate it if you would tell me what on the Web site got you here.


  1. Hi, somebody just posted a link to your webpage showing a picture in a discussion at web site and all the curious "ladies" just looked at that link which led them to your page. that´s all. but I don´t know what exactly was it that they were looking at :)

  2. I think the discussion was about - how the nowadays models look more like boys than girls /being so skinny and so on....and then just somebody posted a picture , or just your web site...:) that´s all. is a very often visited web page among slovak girls, so if a interesting or controversial thopic is added there, many ppl read it and look at the links somebody posts. hope its all clear :)

  3. Thank you again, Anonymous.

    My research came up with a reference to a posting I did about males modeling women's clothing in fashion shows, but I was not positive that it was the correct reference.