Wednesday, June 4, 2008

local color

A girl e-mailed me yesterday asking where to buy wigs and get makeovers at local establishments that are friendly to gender diverse customers.


I buy most of my wigs at Tonkin's in the Eagle Plaza, 481 Wolcott St., Waterbury, CT 06705, phone 203-753-1355, e-mail tonkinswigs at aol dot com.

Kathy Tonkins, the owner, is the best. She has a great eye for what colors and styles are suitable for you and she has absolutely no problem dealing with trans customers. In fact, every year, she hosts a meeting of our support group in her store. Tell her "Staci" sent you.


The best makeover experience I had was at Sephora at the West Farms Mall, Farmington, CT 06032, phone 860-521-7669,

I did not have a full makeover. The woman who dealt with me was more than willing to give me a makeover, but at the time, I only wanted some advice. In the process, she made a number of "adjustments" to my makeup that constituted half a makeover.

The woman treated me as a lady and never let on that she knew I was a male. When she began making adjustments, I did not want her to mess up my beard cover, so at that point, I told her I was a male en femme. She continued to treat me nicely and was very supportive of my gender diversity.

She said, "You only have one life to live, so live it as you please. If someone has a problem with you, it is their problem, not yours."

I will never forget those words and carry them with me to this day.

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  1. AnonymousJune 06, 2008

    Hey There!

    I know I've been 'among the missing' due to academics and 'health' but... please don't forgot to refer any questions or requests for anything pertaining to image (colors, makeup, clothing, shopping, etc.) my way. Part of my practice includes image consulting don't forget and I'm happy to take a break from my doctoral work to teach and pass along the 'tricks of the trade' for all our femme friends :)

    You have my email and are more than welcome to post it or pass it along :)

    Wish I had read your post earlier too -- I have this silk outfit that is just lush! crop silk pants with a kimono style duster (all you'd need is a tank under it) that would have been killer on you! Sorry

    Can't wait to hear your post on Pride.

    Luv you