Wednesday, July 25, 2007

real high heels

If you have been following along for any time now, you know that I love shoes. Let me be more specific: I love women's shoes. By my last count, I own 63 51 pairs of women's footwear and six pairs of men's footwear (and three of those pairs are sneakers)!

Perusing the Fall collection at Newport-News today, I fell in love with another pair of shoes: a patent leather-look platform pump with buckled ankle strap and crescent toe. Its picture should appear next to this text.

The price is right ($29), but when I reread the description, I started thinking twice. The shoe has a 4-3/4-inch heel and a 7/8-inch platform. Wearing those real high heels, I will be an outstanding 6 foot 6 plus. And can I even walk in those skyscrapers?

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