Sunday, July 1, 2007

I need a haircut

I had a dream last night that I remembered. As I have written here before, I seldom remember my dreams. On those rare occasions that I do remember a dream, it is often trans-oriented.

For about a week now, my wife has been telling me that I need a haircut. My hair is kind of shaggy and needs to be trimmed, but it is not really long. Anyway, I will probably get it cut next week.

In my dream last night, my wife is telling me that I need a haircut just like in real life. I disagree with her and then I go look in the mirror to inspect my hair. When I look in the mirror, I am wearing a shoulder length dark brunette pageboy that is perfectly coiffed. Then, I take a comb and start combing my long hairdo.

That is all I remember.

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  1. When I have TG dreams they always end just at the moment when I am about to be "busted". I would love to see how I would react even in a dream.

    BTW, Staci I was just scanning a few of your comments and I get the impression that you might be an old neighbor of mine in a way. I lived in Dayton as a student for five years until 1968 until someone from the military said : "Hey you, drop those drawers and prepare to serve your country. Actually, I probably predate you in Dayton. Oh, well... Go Fliers!!