Friday, July 13, 2007

a frivilous friday blog posting

Surfing the net, I came upon a blog that praised the wardrobe actress Claire Danes wore in the film Shopgirl. For what it's worth, I liked the film, I liked her in the film, and I liked the clothes she wore in the film.

Anyhow, the blog had photos of the various outfits Claire wore in the film, but was especially enamored with one dress, a "1950's-inspired Prada dress."

See for yourself (the dress appears on the right). The dress is to die for! The dress is me; it is a classic "Staci dress." I wish I owned it and I plan to search the catalogs for something similar for myself.

(If any of you readers find something similar in a Misses size 16 or 18 or Women's size 14 or 16, please let me know.)

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  1. AnonymousJuly 14, 2007

    Hey, if anyone sees something like it in a 10 or 12 let ME know! Unless the back plunges. I'm not secure enough in checking out my back to wear low backs!