Wednesday, July 11, 2007

my dreams

I am on a roll! It happened again this morning. Like most mornings during the past week, I remembered a dream from the previous night.

All the dreams I have remembered recently are similar in the following ways:
  • Each dream is transgendered/crossdressing related.
  • In each dream, I am getting crossdressed.
  • In each dream, I am getting crossdressed away from home, i.e., in a hotel room or in a bedroom that is not familiar to me.
  • In each dream, I awake before I am finished crossdressing (which is very frustrating, by the way).
  • In each dream, friends and/or relatives are present or nearby when I am crossdressing and they are encouraging, supportive, and/or approving.
I don't know much about the significance of dreams, but I am going to research the subject to try and understand why I am dreaming what I am dreaming.


  1. ok, i just read your comments on why you cross-dress. of course you are a whole person, but a whole person is always made up on different dimensions. the unconscious doesn't care about our preferred views about ourselves, it only cares about integration and bringing into balance neglected aspects of the self. this is not meant to pathologize, the dream is a manifestation of the unconscious, and as such points to something other than simply your desire to fem it up and 'play' with appearance.

  2. AnonymousJuly 11, 2007

    Can you tell us where you got today's picture of "The femulated"? She's gorgeous!

  3. to aviva:

    Today's "The Femulated" is an anonymous Italian transvestite, whose photo I found on the Internet back in 2003.

  4. to carlos:

    I appreciate your thoughts about my dreams. I am seriously considering the implications of what you wrote.