Monday, June 25, 2007

on the news

I received an e-mail from Patty yesterday and she said that she saw me on the news Thursday night at Real Art Ways!

It seems that one of the local television stations had a crew at the Creative Cocktail Hour because there was controversy regarding a new art exhibit that was on display. An artist used blood from a slaughterhouse as his medium and there were animal rights activists at the cocktail hour protesting the exhibit.

During the broadcast of that newsstory, they showed people in the gallery viewing the exhibit and that is where Patty saw me.

I checked the television station's web site and found an online video of that newsstory and sure enough, there I am on camera in profile for about three seconds. I have to give Patty a lot of credit for spotting me in that short clip.

Above is a screen capture of that video with me standing second from the right.

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