Saturday, June 2, 2007

can' stand the heat, get out of the wig

Overnight, the humidity rose dramatically. Yesterday, it was around 50%; this morning, it is around 80%.

About 30 minutes ago, I walked the dogs for about one mile along a shaded path and by the end of the walk, the dogs were panting and my T-shirt was soaked.

In my case, this is not good weather for going out en femme. I perspire easily, which is a nice way of saying that "I sweat a lot." Add a wig, foundation makeup, foundation garments, and pantyhose and I will be swimming.

My wig pusher loves me in short wigs and back in February, she convinced me to buy a very short wig . (That's it in the photo above; same style, same color.) I have not worn it out yet, but I hope that since it is shorter than the wigs I normally wear, that it will be more comfortable in the warm, humid weather.

We will see.

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