Friday, June 15, 2007

girdle reflections

When I was a young, most women wore girdles. Even slim women wore girdles because the fashions of the day required that girdles be worn. As a result, I wore a girdle whenever I switched genders because I assumed a girdle was an integral part of a female's wardrobe.

Today, fewer women wear girdles then they did when I was young. Changes in tastes and fashions, as well as the women's liberation movement are responsible for the girdle's fall from favor.

I still favor a girdle (and a long line bra). I wear them not for fashion nostalgia, but because they help me achieve the semblance of a girlish figure. I have natural padding and when I wear a girdle and long line bra, they redistribute my natural padding subtracting from my waist and adding to my hips, rear, and bust, thus creating a more hourglass figure without artificial padding.

I don't know about other crossdressers, but I am an avid follower of women's fashions. As such, I always check out women to see what they are wearing. Some examples:

I watch the various awards shows on television just to see what the women are wearing.

At dinnertime, I usually have the television tuned to Univision's Primer Impacto to see what the female newscasters and weather woman are wearing. (They always dress to kill.)

If I am near a television during the 7:30-8 PM (EST/EDST) weekday time slot, I will switch channels to Wheel of Fortune to see what Vanna White is wearing. (I've been checking out Vanna since 1982 and she seldom lets me down.) Vanna is a contemporary; she is only a few years younger than I, so I can identify with her fashion sense and use her as a model for what I wear.

Anyway, yesterday, while surfing the Internet, I came across the following piece written by Phil on the Zona - The Girdle Zone web site. It brought a smile to my face.
I was watching Wheel of Fortune ... and at the end of the show Vanna (who was wearing black, skin-tight toreador type pants) said coyly to Pat, "I have a secret."

Pat asked what it was and Vanna replied, "I'm wearing a foundation garment."

Pat asked what she meant and Vanna said, "I'm wearing a girdle."


  1. Dont care what anyone says, a 'woman' is really dressed without a girdle and a full a-line bra..

    I always follow fashion trends. I love the fashion shows on Bold and the Beautiful

  2. AnonymousJuly 14, 2007

    Yes there is something about girdles that is special.

    I have nice memory of wearing tight girdle and a nice bra under a pretty dress.

    CD from Toronto Canada

  3. I started wearing my girdles again recently after years going without them. I was shocked - I loved them :-)

    Love, Gilliane.

  4. End of 2011 and I am still in my girdles, gawd they've grown wonderfully comfy and supportive now!
    Couldn't be without them or my nylon stockings encasing my legs that the little girdle suspenders hold up beautifully.
    Funny , they make me feel ( and look! ) very different to a man, I love that , because I can wear them and men are not allowed too, heheheh

  5. Anonymous --- Can I borrow your time machine?

  6. Wether you prefer a panty girdle or open bottom,a girdle is a must not just for shaping but a truley fem feeling. Paytex 18 hour and Rago are among my favorites.Satin or nylon paneled girdles are very sexy as well.Stockings with any girdle rather than panty hose are essential.I will be in a girdle for a long time.

  7. Nothing is more feminine than a well fitted girdle with a full cover bra. Whether you prefer an OBG or LLPG the feeling of going back to mom or grandmas firm foundation time is so satisfying. Ladies pull up your panty girdles and hook up those long line bras for true fem feelings!