Sunday, June 3, 2007

getting unstuck

I take my wife shopping nearly every weekend. Sometimes she shops at Fashion Bug, where I have done some shopping myself in the past en femme. However, when I go in boy mode with my wife, I help my wife find things, but never look for anything for myself.

Today, my wife wanted to go to Fashion Bug to buy jeans, so I drove her to the nearest store. There was a big sale in the store. I have never seen it so busy. Mostly females with a handful of male significant others.

I helped my wife find jeans in her size and while she was trying them on, I began perused the jewelry racks searching for those rare pairs of clip-on earrings. I found four pairs!

Next, I perused the clearance racks of dresses and found a nice dress and sweater set in my size. I continued shopping, but did not find anything else, although I did seriously consider a pair of brown suede high heel pumps.

Anyway, for some reason, I got unstuck today and instead of just hanging around Fashion Bug waiting for my wife to finish shopping, I was completely uninhibited and shopped in boy mode for female wear without a care.

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