Wednesday, July 3, 2024

Passing Times

“I’m a guy.”

Many girls who have been around the block a few times opine that passing is not important; that it isn’t the be-all and end-all of crossdressing. 

I agree, but it is icing on the when you do pass.

My attitude is that I pass whenever I crossdress until something indicates that I am not passing. Of course, I don’t pass all of the time; I know that, but the attitude that I pass helps to build my confidence when I am out. If I went out among civilians thinking that I was not passing, that would surely affect my confidence in a negative way. And make crossdressing an unpleasant experience.

Passing is a crapshoot, however, there have been times that I know absolutely that I passed. Here are a few of those times.

At Nordstrom

While I was perusing a rack of cocktail dresses at Nordstrom, a saleswoman nearby spoke up, “You're tall. I’m tall, too. How tall are you?”

I said, “Six foot two.”

She replied, “I'm six foot one.”

And she engaged me in a discussion about being a tall female. She asked me how I liked being tall (“I love it.”). She admitted that she had some difficulties during her school years because of her height, but as an adult, she was happy with her height.

After we exchanged a few more words, I excused myself and headed out the door to greener pastures.

That turned the old saw on its head that being tall will giveaway a crossdresser’s birth gender.

At Fantasia Fair

Over dinner at Fantasia Fair, I was chatting with two new friends, Cosette and Dianne, and we were discussing passing techniques. 

During our discussion, I mentioned how I always thought my voice was my weakness. They replied by saying my voice was perfect. And then they added that when they first saw me that they thought I was a genetic female!

Passing among civilians is one thing, but passing among sister crossdressers is something else.

At Lunch on Halloween 2022

I decided to go to Viron Rondo Osteria, an Italian restaurant in Cheshire. I’ve dined there a number of times in the past en femme, so I felt comfortable dining there again.

My waitress was pleasant, took my order and in short order, I was drinking a beverage and dining on a delicious pasta dinner. Time flew by quickly and before I knew it, the waitress was packing up my leftovers and presenting me with the bill. 

I had overheard her complimenting a couple at another table about their Halloween costumes, so when she returned to collect my payment, I asked, “How do you like my Halloween costume?”

She looked at me with a blank expression and asked, “What is it?”

“I’m a guy.”

She was shocked. She had no idea and began gushing over my “costume,” loved my hairdo (wig) and thought that my nails were “cute.”

I was younger and probably more passable during my first two passing stories. I was 71-years-old in the last passing story, which made me feel great that this old girl still has it!

Source: Boston Proper
Wearing Boston Proper

Space's music video for “Begin Again.”
Femulating in Space's music video for “Begin Again.”
Click here to view this music video on YouTube.
Again, thanks to Rachel Williams for the information about this femulation.


  1. AnonymousJuly 03, 2024

    Stana I've seen your video of you at Hamvention and I agree about the voice, you also move and posture as a cisgender female. Paula G

  2. I'm told I pass well, but yesterday I had a first. I was at McD's and approached the young gal behind the counter for the restroom door code. She asked me, "Which one?" It threw me for a minute and I said, "What?" She then pushed a button under the counter and said, "The Women's Room is open"

  3. AnonymousJuly 03, 2024

    Oh Stana, I think we are all our own worst critics at times. I follow this blog and still wonder at times if you are a GG to Femulator trans something or other.
    Always thought that was a smashing pic BTW, and glad to hear the happy story behind it. You are always on point with your presentation.
    Your restaurant reviews are always an added bonus to the stories and other tips you provide, lol.


  4. AnonymousJuly 03, 2024

    Hi Stana, a few months ago I had the opportunity to go our as my wife was out of town. Shortening the long story, I went to a dinner club to hear some comedians. I ended up at a table all by myself. After I finished eating, the adjacent table invited me to join them which I did. I sat between two sisters who were a little younger (late 60's) than I. We spent the rest of the evening talking about everything from our childhood to the comedians with no hint of their reading me. It gave me quite the feeling of acceptance as a woman about town. Chalk one up for the passing side as I try to get that side even with the non-passing side! Leann

  5. I get read as a woman even when I'm wearing men's business casual. All the restroom incidences below happened when I was wearing male attire. One time I was standing outside a women's restroom waiting for my wife, and a woman asked me if I was waiting to use the restroom. Another time a woman followed me into a men's restroom. And another time, a couple read me as a woman as I was exiting a men's room. The wife approached the men's room while the husband approached the women's room.
    One thing though: my voice is anything but feminine as I sing second bass in my church choir, going down to C2 (2 ledger lines below the bass staff).
    I guess my appearance keeps me from being hassled when I am dress en femme, which is most of the time. However, nobody seems to react when I talk even though the pitch of my voice is out of bounds for a woman.


  6. Oops, please add the link to the "Begin Again" video. It wasn't hard to find on YouTube -- it's a cross between a hoot and nuts! I love it!

  7. AnonymousJuly 04, 2024

    Thanks Stana. That is a great music video and a catchy song.
    Penny from Edinburgh.

  8. I looked at a couple other videos by "Space"', and there is a very brief femulator in "Neighborhood":

    There was a woman with strong features in "Female of the Species". I could not tell if she was a femulator or not. If you are looking for men made pretty, you can see them where they are not, you know...

    Have a great day, Stana!