Monday, June 20, 2022

Doing Something Write

Everyday, I  receive email related to this blog. Most of it is positive and occasionally the email indicates that I hit it out of the ballpark like the following email from Faye.

Dear Stana,

May I tell you how much I have always enjoyed reading the Femulate website. Many a working day was brightened by the Someday Funnies or your down to earth approach to the ups and downs of being the women we are.

I did say how many’s working day had been brightened by reading Femulate, because after 30 years working for the same company, of which five years I worked as Faye and winning employee of the month and then employee of the year on two occasions over those five years I have finally retired.

I was presented with some lovely gifts by the other ladies, and from the head office in Hamburg I received a very generous monetary gift, this woman will be hitting the shops big time!!!

In contrast to my office wear, today my high heels remained in the wardrobe and business dresses on their hangers. I could not pull myself down to wearing leggings to do the top to bottom house clean that I would so often have to do on my day off ( the weekend ), hence the skirt and top!!, and on completing the bedrooms and bathroom I sat myself down and took the enclosed pic.

I am humble enough to know that if not for you and your own experiences in and out the office , I would never have achieved the acceptance and confidence I received from my Supervisor, HR and the other women in the office. Thank you Stana and thank you on behalf of every one of us whose heels have followed on the path created by yourself.

Though an ocean separates us, our sisterhood will always bring us together.

Faye xx

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Another office femulator
Another office femulator


  1. "Thank you Stana and thank you on behalf of every one of us whose heels have followed on the path created by yourself.
    Faye XX"

    What a Beautiful Comment Sweeties (Both) 😘

    As a tune breaks out in my Bonnet --

  2. Congratulations Faye on your retirement! Lovely photo, too.

  3. Faye is, of course, not wrong. Happy retirement to you Faye, that sounds fantastic on every level. And echoed thanks to Stana for this place serving so well as a connection between all of us who felt alone at first.

  4. The hair and smile are reminiscent of Suzanne Somers

  5. Thanks, Faye, for such a lovely story. And, being an "old-timer", I appreciate "Faye", as well. There were plenty of Fayes and Bettys when I was younger, but those old names seem to have lost parental interest. In my case things were different. All the boys were Joe, Bill, Jack, and Toms and nobody was "Michael". I got teased about it, and also for my bright orange hair! I didn't have another Michael in a class with me until the 8th grade. Then somewhere in my early 30s it seemed every other boy on earth was named "Michael". All my best to you, Faye.

    I want to second Faye's thanks to Stana. You give us more than just something to read. you help us feel better about ourselves, which turns into confidence. This "Mikki" feels a whole lot better about herself, thanks, in no small part, to Stana. Thanks girl!

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  7. Love your story Faye, I came so close 5 years ago doing what you did, I am SO happy you did it!

  8. That was a fantastic story Faye and it's good to hear stories like this. Have a great retirement!

  9. So many prettie women here!