Saturday, November 16, 2019

My Magic Skirt

By Penny from Edinburgh

I have a magic skirt.

I found her in the wonderfully named Mary’s Living and Giving Shop, a boutique charity shop, a sort of thrift, in Stockbridge on the edge of Edinburgh’s historic New Town. As soon as I tried her on, I just knew that she was meant for me.

She’s a lined tartan pencil skirt in a pattern of shocking pink and mid-green on a black background. She sits perfectly just below the knee at the narrow point of my legs.

Part of her secret is that her three main colours: pink, green and black mean that she goes well with a wide variety of tops. I have had her on with, for example, a black crew neck cardigan, a green long sleeved T and a pink sleeveless polo neck top. She can be dressed up or down according to my mood or the occasion.

I don’t normally wear pencil skirts. Other profiles usually work better for me: A-line skirts give the illusion of a smaller waist, while mermaid or trumpet midi skirts give the impression of curves. However, my magic skirt makes my hips look bigger. I think that this is because being a tartan skirt, she is made with much thicker material, so she has body and doesn’t just hang limply.

Also, her style is smart and conservative, but is colourful, and suits Penny, my femme self, perfectly.

But her real magic is not in the fit, the style or the colours; it is that when I put her on she gives me that extra confidence. Wearing my magic skirt, whatever I do, wherever I go, I simply am Penny.

Source: Boston Proper
Wearing Boston Proper

Zack Powell and Rick Hammerly femulating on stage in The Legend of Georgia McBride.


  1. Well said. There are certain outfits that do give me confidence. Some items I will only wear at home while other I consider worthy of inflicting on the civilian population.

  2. I have some nice skirts, but I'm pretty straight up and down, so there's not much magic going on. But I found a white on black colorblock fit and flare dress by Calvin Kleinon one of those, "What the hell, I'm close to Macy's, so why not see what's on sale? And even better than "on sale", it was on a Macy's "final price" rack for close to an 80$% discount! I tried it on and the fit was amazing! It looked like I had a figure with the flare (ain't camouflage wonderful?). I went out of the changing room to look at it in the triple mirror and it looked even better. A lady cam out of another room and told me I really looked pretty in that dress. Like Penny's skirt, this dress was my confidence builder. I still cruise Macy's final price rack from time to time and have found a few more beauties, but it was my first "magic dress" that helped me gain my confidence.

  3. I recommend "The Legend of Georgia McBride" to you all. It's a sort of thin premise at the beginning, but when we go to plays -- especially Shakespeare's -- we should bring along our willing disbelief. I go to a lot of plays, so that's second nature to me. So, accepting this performer's taking on a "Get with the drag or find a new job" task, we see a pair of generous drag queens take this man under their (feathered?) wings and "Georgia in born. She has to accept herself, find her Drag persona, and learn how to maneuver in heels with an "enhanced" figure, not to mention letting her/his wife know what's happened. And that, my friends, is a story you'll find out when you see the play.

    The performances I saw at Round House Theater in DC were excellent, especially the "Drag Mother". While watching Georgia being "born" I mused about stumbling into such a situation -- and seemingly overnight becoming a gorgeous lady! Some girls have all the luck, Can't wait to see it again!