Friday, November 22, 2019

Femulating Friday

What’s New Dept.

A week ago, a new computer arrived at Femulate headquarters and I have been busy setting it up. That is the reason there have been no new posts here since Sunday.

The old computer was literally falling apart. Part of the lid broke off and a couple of keys were intermittent. IT (I) replaced the battery in the spring, but it did not improve battery life much. So the Femulate board of directors approved the purchase of a new computer.

I hemmed and hawed over what to buy for over a month. I finally decided to purchase a new 15-inch MacBook Pro to replace my 7-year-old 15-inch MacBook Pro. 

Just as I was about to order a new computer, news arrived that Apple was introducing a new 16-inch MacBook Pro on Thursday. I did not hesitate. I placed an order on Wednesday and FedEx delivered the new computer on Friday.

I’m so glad that I hemmed and hawed!

Brothers Will Be Sisters Dept.

YouTube knows that I am a femulator, so whenever I visit YouTube, it offers me a bunch of femulator-oriented videos to view.

I could not help noticing the proliferation of videos in which a female makes over her brother. Some of the makeover results are amazing. Due to family resemblance, the brother may end up resembling his sister, which is likely to occur because the sister is making her brother up using the same techniques she uses to makeup her self. And in some cases, the sister’s goal is to makeover her brother to look just like her.

The brothers are very cooperative. Some try to hang onto their masculinity by joking about their transformation, but in the end, they permit their sisters to complete the job and seem to enjoy the results.

There are variations of the brother makeover theme: girlfriends making over their boyfriends, mothers making overs their sons and wives making over their husbands. 

Beware! There are some fakes out there in YouTube Land, but after you separate the wheat from the chaff, there are hundreds of genuine transformations.

Source: Wholesale7
Wearing Wholesale7

Casey Blake
Another variation: femulating brother transforms her brother. See for yourself here!


  1. Congrats on your latest acquisition! I would be my luck that the announcement of NEW (and loads better) PRODUCT (phone, computer, TV,ect) is usually the day AFTER the now obsolete product arrives....
    PS your outfit in the photo really rocks!

  2. Thanks for another great entry, aswell as an interesting video link. IMHO, the "brother" seems far too comfortable en femme to be a civilian.

  3. I am more than a little envious of your latest acquisition, Paula's Place could do with some fresh IT as well!

    I do wonder about some of these makeovers, I'm sure that it is interesting to see how you would look etc. but some seem to enjoy it a little too much (a bit like some of your womanless pageant contestants), maybe for some it will be a first experience, and one they will want to repeat, mmmmmmmm a slipper slope or a bit of fun?

  4. When I was a teenager, I dreamed I came out to my younger sister, who immediately insisted on giving me a makeover. I was hoping this was an omen, so I tried to come out to her, but she was so offended that I had to pretend I was joking.

  5. Let me guess, Femulate HQ is the only workplace left in America that has a "no pants, no bare legs" dress code:)

  6. Oh oh

    The brother comes out looking better than the sister and the brother realizes he wants to be his sister and starts wearing her clothes when she is not around

    This is as good as a new laptop



  7. How do you pursuade a boy who does not want take part sit still so you can make him up?
    Then, somehow, you have to get him into the clothes
    I think some boys will be willing to try it once and only once
    Hence the smiles and co operation
    A few will like it and want to do it again