Monday, May 8, 2017

What to Wear to the Fair?

I will be driving to southwestern Ohio next week to attend Hamvention.

I am still undecided about what to wear due to the change of venue from a large convention hall to a  half dozen separate buildings and tents at a country fairgrounds. Needless to say, I will forgo my usual Hamvention wear (dress and heels) for something more casual.

Leggings, jeans, shorts, skirt with a top?

Probably not jeans because jeans are too casual – after all, I will be staffing a booth and representing my group as its secretary, director and newsletter editor.

Maybe I should go to Dress Barn and ask them to put a casual, but not too casual outfit together for me.

Any suggestions?  

Thought for the Day

If I transitioned, would Monday mornings be more bearable because I would be facing the world as a woman?

source: Intermix
Wearing FRAME blazer, Ganni Dalton shirt and IRO shorts (source: Intermix).

Annie all-male-cast
Cast members of an all-male stage production of Annie.


  1. AnonymousMay 08, 2017

    Hi Stana if it were me i would go for some smart ankle boots black hose and a knee length skirt and casual top depending on the weather
    Regards Nadia

  2. leggings, flats and a nice colorful top will do ya...

  3. AnonymousMay 08, 2017

    Hmmm, "Country Fairgrounds" screams "boots" to me!

  4. Tailored jeans or slacks, loafer flat shoes, and a nice cashmere sweater.

    Every morning is better after transition, but the only thing that will make Mondays good will be retirement.

  5. Longer, looser skirts, perhaps a broomstick style with wedges. Wedges will work on all surfaces and are appropriately casual.


  7. Sally StoneMay 08, 2017

    Stana, whenever I want to look a little less dressy (not too much mind you) I always opt for boots, especially ankle boots. I have a couple of pairs of short boots with stacked heels and wearing them with a skirt or a dress keeps me girly, but takes just the right amount of dressiness out of the ensemble.