Monday, May 15, 2017

Give Me Credit

Jan has a credit card in her female name. Recently, the credit card company asked for proof (Social Security number) that she is indeed Jan.

The problem is that Jan is legally a male; all her government paperwork indicates that she is male and that male is not named "Jan."

The credit card company does not care one iota that Jan is transgender and that Jan is her trans-female name.

No resolution in Jan's favor seems to be in sight.

I don't know what Jan's male first name is, but my male and female first names start with the same letter (S), so I have credit cards using just the initial of my first name with my last name. That works for me in girl and boy mode and probably would work for anybody with male and female names starting with the same letter.

And if a credit card company asks for proof that I am S, I've got that covered.

source: Venus
Wearing Venus (source: Venus).

source: Northeastern University Library
The cast of Northeastern University's 1924 all male production of the musical comedy Listening In (source: Northeastern University Library).


  1. I received repeated requests for info about "Meg." I've ignored them. I believe it's to ensure you're not money laundering. Banks HATE competition.

  2. Business opportunity? Allowing the male self to apply for a card that he guarantees like a co-signer.. and he can get in a female name? Would that get business from CDs and Tfolk? Some bank may be interested...

  3. I use the same SS# for both names, chase bank is the only one that ever gave me any problems