Monday, January 6, 2014

Losing Leg Hair

My skirt's not too short – my legs are too long!

Paula's post on shaving her legs moved me to write about shaving my legs.

I avoid shaving my legs with a razor blade and shaving cream or gel because it is too time-consuming. My legs are too long... 36 inches each to be exact and it takes forever.

Early on, I discovered the wonderful world of chemicals. Nair and Veet were my hair removing chemicals of choice. They did the job quickly and thoroughly. And after using them for over four decades, they permanently removed a lot of my leg hair. As a result, using chemicals now is overkill. 

So every morning, I attack the leg hairs that toughed it out. After I shave my face and neck with a top-of-the-line Norelco rotary head electric razor, I do a portion of my legs. One day, I will shave my knees, the next day, my calves, the next day, my thighs, the next day... well, you get the idea. As a result, when I get all dolled up to go out en femme, a quick touch-up with my Norelco is all I need to be femininely smooth.

By the way, I use the same routine to keep my arms, shoulders and breasts hair-free.

Transgender actor Atif Siddiq femulating in the 2012 Canadian film House for Sale.

 Wearing I don't recall.

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  1. I agree, using chemicals is overkill. For me, an epilator is my choice now. Good post about leg hair, Stana!