Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Femulating Mom

Fortunato Castro femulating his mother
A lot of us femulate our mothers to some degree. I, for one, wear styles that my mother would wear. And growing up under her tutelage, I act like the lady she was.

A 27-year-old artist named Fortunato Castro femulated his mother for his senior thesis at Cooper Union. He "turned his lens on himself, for a series of powerful self-portraits. But, unlike most self-portraits, he posed in an unusual way: as his mother.”

You can read all about it and see a slideshow at The Cut.


On Tuesday, Daily Makeover had some excellent advice about makeup mistakes that make you look older. I don't know about you, but at my age, I want to look younger, not older, so I am taking their advice to heart.

Daily Makeover is a good source for good advice on hair and makeup. I subscribe to their daily e-mails and I recommend a free subscription to any girl who wants to improve her femulating skills.

Nailing It

I am a big fan of the Kiss brand of pre-glued press-on nails. They go on quick, stray on forever and are large enough to cover my Amazonian finger nails. But lately, they have been scarce.

I usually purchase my Kiss pre-glued press-on nails at CVS, Rite Aid or Walgreen, but for the past month or so, they have been missing from the racks of those stores. They have other Kiss brand nail products on their racks, but not the pre-glued press-ons that I know and love.

The Kiss website stills show them, so either my stores are no longer carrying them or there was a big run on them during the holidays.

My personal stock of nails is running low, so I wanted to find out what was going on. I went online to check the stores' websites and bingo! I struck paydirt at the first website I visited. Walgreen has them in stock and they are on sale: $3.17 per set.

I cannot recall them ever being that cheap, so I ordered enough sets to qualify for free shipping ($25 minimum) and await their delivery in 3 to 5 days.

Stop Me If You Heard This One Before

Meanwhile, here is a story about me buying Kiss nails at Rite Aid last year. (This is a rerun, but some of you might have missed it.)

The cashier was a middle-aged woman like myself and as she rang up my purchase, she joked,

"Doing your nails?"

Although I knew she was joking, I responded, "Yes, they're for me. I do drag."

"You do?"

"Yes, I do. I wish I had a photo to show you."

I don't know if she believed me or not, but since then i made sure that I have a photo of me en femme handy on my iPhone.

Professional femulator Billy Bigwood in 1921.

Source: Rent the Runway

Wearing Nha Khanh.


  1. Some of us femulate our Mothers accidentally, now my hair is grey I find it a little frightening just how much I look like my Mother.

  2. I need to try those nails, I never find ones big enough (unless you shop at that expensive $20 talon nails website). I also hate how most attach, sounds like these bond better. Looks like walgreens has them for $3 online, free shipping if you spend $25:

    1. this wpmen loves us how to you change from a mans voict to a womens voice love being a wom

  3. Thanks for sharing the "Mom" post Stana.
    I agree with Paula, I'm frightened when I take a quick glance in the mirror and see "Mom" looking back. I get very amused though when I think how dead set she was on having a "daughter". Serves her right :)

  4. Dear Stana,

    I just LOVE the Nha Khanh dress! I have always adored flaring skirts with a chiffon outer layer worn over 2 or 3 soft ruffled flaring petticoats. I have 2 such petticoats in pink, and 2 in black. I find it thrilling to wear a dress with petticoats as in the Nha Khanh photo. Not only is such an outfit incredibly beautiful and ultra-girly, but the feel of the petticoats on nylon-encased legs with every movement is, to me, indescribably wonderful. I have always preferred the soft petticoats with rows of ruffles for the lower 2/3 and nylon tricot for the upper 1/3. I'm not particularly fond of stiff crinoline type petticoats.

    However, even though I love the Nha Khanh outfit, I would wear such an outfit (with the accompanying soft petticoats underneath) only at home. As an age 69 crossdresser, the pictured outfit would not be age-appropriate for me when I femulate in public. I want to present myself as an attractively and femininely dressed woman in public. At my age, I would consider the pictured outfit as "fantasy wear" for a person my age.

    So, my advice to over-40 crossdressers is to dress like other appropriately dressed over-40 ciswomen in public. If you want to wear 6" stiletto heels, fishnets, miniskirts, long curly blonde wigs, and a dozen items of jewelry, that's fine, but you might want to do that only at home, and dial it down a few notches in public. It's true that you have every right to present yourself however you please in public, but please be aware that an over-40 man dressing like a 20 year old hooker in public does nothing to increase the public's acceptance of transgendered women, and may greatly embarrass friends you're out with. This is just my suggestion, and I don't want to be judgmental. OK, I'll step off my soapbox now.



  5. Have you tried the Broadway imPRESS nails? They're a little more expensive, but they're very nice and come in a variety of colors.