Thursday, January 9, 2014



This time around, reader G Kunz contributed a bunch of new entries to the Famous Females of Height List, including two members of the Glamazons; a third member of the group, Dorothy Ford, was already on our list.

You can read all about the Glamazons here and here are all the additions to the list.

5’8” - Abbie Cornish - actress - film, Seven Psychopaths - Source: Stana

5'9" - Betsy Brandt - actress - television, Breaking Bad - Source: Stana

5’9” - Olivia Williams - actress - film, Rushmore - Source: Stana

5’10" - Chyna - wrestler - source: G Kunz  

5'11" - Betsy Brandt - actress - television, Breaking Bad - Source: Stana

5'11" - Christine Marzano - model and actress - film, Seven Psychopaths - Source: Stana

6'0" – Irish McCalla – actress – film & television, Sheena: Queen of the Jungle - source: G Kunz

6'0" – Helen O'Hara – actress – television, Richard & Judy - source: G Kunz

6'0" – Bunny Waters – actress – film, Dangerous When Wet - source: G Kunz

6’7” – Amazon Ashley – stripper - source: G Kunz






Actor Gaurav Ghera femulating in India television’s Mrs. Pammi Pyarelai, 2013.





Source: Bluefly

Who wears Julie Brown better?


  1. Stana, I always enjoy seeing new posts about your Famous Females of Height List.

    I'm not sure she's famous enough, but Elena Delle Donne, a basketball player for the Chicago Sky and WNBA 2013 Rookie of the Year, is certainly tall enough (6' 5" or 6' 6" by most accounts). She also has a close and fascinating relationship with her severely disabled older sister, Lizzie.

    Is Betsy Brandt really 5' 11" - I've seen her as Michael J. Fox's wife on his new show. I'm sure she's taller than Fox, but she doesn't seem to be that much taller (I think he's about 5' 5").

    As always, thanks again for your terrific blog.


  2. If she's not in there already, I suggest you add Czech model/actress Karol INA Markova who is 5' 11"
    Besides doing Victoria's Secret shows, she played herself in the Person Of Interest episode, Prisoner's Dilemma.
    They probably tweaked the camera angles to make her look even taller next to Kevin Chapman who is 5' 9"

    1. Thank-you, Joni. Karolina Kurkova is on the list.