Sunday, May 27, 2012

Girls Make Passes At Boys Who Wear Dresses

"If you thought only hunky men with big biceps get the ladies, think again. These cross-dressing student performers from China are not only popular with audiences, they have legions of female fans," according to The Straits Times Stomp.

"The 'girls' of Alice Cross Dresser Group first made a name for themselves by filling in for female students at a cosplay performance, who had failed to turn up for the event."

"They now performing regularly for about $100 per performer and have large numbers of female fans, who find them 'prettier' than the average Chinese male."

The article includes 184 photos of the Alice Cross Dresser Group and "other high-profile cross-dressers."

Thank you Nikto X for this story.


  1. Stana:

    At least for me, the link only opens a blank page

  2. Dani --- Fixed it; thanks for the heads-up!

  3. Great pics of cute men in dresses. We should be so lucky!