Monday, May 28, 2012

Cat Deeley Looks Very Tall

I could not help noticing guest star Cat Deeley on the episode of the HBO comedy series Life's Too Short that aired Friday night. In the scene in which she appeared, she was the tallest person in the room by far, taller than all the other women as well as the men.

I knew immediately that she qualified for the Famous Females of Height List, so I Googled her height and discovered that she was only 5'9". With the high heels she wore in her Life's Too Short appearance, she was 6 feet tall or more, but compared to everyone else in the room, she looked a lot taller (see accompanying photos). I assume everyone else in the room was exceptionally short to cause this illusion.

Here is the complete list of additions to the Famous Females of Height List:

5'8" – Berenice Marlohe – actress – film Skyfall

5'9" – Cat Deeley – television presenter, model – television's So You Think You Can Dance

5'9" – Chrissy Teigen – model – Sports illustrated

5'10" – Irina Sheik– model – Sports illustrated

5'10" – Kate Upton – model, actress – film The Three Stooges – source: Meg of Call Me Meg fame


  1. Dear Stana,

    I saw Cat Deeley live when she guested on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. Craig is my favorite of the late night hosts, and I attended a taping of his show in 2009 and another last July. When Cat appeared with Craig, she didn't look nearly as tall as in your posted photos. Craig is 6-2, so even though Cat was wearing pumps with high heels, she was noticeably shorter than Craig. Cat was a delightful guest -- very likeable, feminine, and perky, and has a great British accent.

    Thank You, Stana, for all your posts -- the serious ones, and the fun ones (like Womanless pageants, crossplayers, your cartoon captions, and your "Famous Females of Height List", etc.).



  2. Or maybe she is standing on a box, or the other are in a trench