Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Best Gurls from Recent Womanless Pageants

Yesterday, Aunty Marlena sent me links to some recent womanless events. I separated the wheat from the chaff (or the boys from the gurls) and present the best of the batch here for your appreciation.

In the Junior Division, we have the Brookeland (TX) Independent School District 2009-2010 Womanless Wildcat Pageant (left) and the Green Sea Floyds High School (Conway, SC) 2011-2012 Mr. Green Sea Floyds Pageant (right). Although a mustachioed gurl was the winner of the Mr. Green Sea Floyds Pageant, overall that pageant had higher quality femulations than the Womanless Wildcat Pageant.

In the Senior Division, there were womanless beauty pageants at the Dillon, SC, Latta United Methodist Church and in Coffee Springs, AL. In both pageants, most of the contestants were "men in dresses" or worse, bearded men in dresses (yuck!), but each pageant featured one diamond in the rough.

The gurl above left was the cutest, by far, in the Dillon contest. With a better wig, she could femulate full-time.

The gurl above right in the Coffee Springs competition was outstanding. There was only this one photo of her, but from what I could tell, she had her own hair coiffed in an up do. Also, it looks like she had her eyebrows thinned out to go along with her perfect makeup application, beautiful evening gown and accessories. I wonder if she is a reader of this blog (if you know what I mean).       


  1. AnonymousMay 10, 2012

    Stana, thanks for expanding your WP portfolio .
    The Dillion file won't open and their site is inaccessible.
    Does Marlena have a Flickr or similar account?
    Will you post on your Flickr page, could give you a broader readership.
    Great bog by the way

  2. Your last sentence makes me curious--have you ever been contacted by a womanless contestant you've featured here? I would assume at least a few have come across their picture, whether out of an interest in blogs about gender or just by searching for photos from the pageant. Among other things, I'd be curious to know what kind of reaction they got from friends and other contestants--especially if the pageant was like some of these, where most of the guys didn't seem to take it too seriously.

    (Also, since this is my first comment, I should add that I love your site. Thanks for all the work you put into it!)

  3. Alice --- Thank you for the kind words about the blog. I double-checked and the Dillon link is working, so try it again. I am slowly migrating all the femulated photos that have appeared here over to my flickr account, so please standby.

  4. James --- Thank you for the kind words about my blog. The only person to ever contact me about a womanless pageant that I featured here was the photographer of an event who wanted credit for his photos.

  5. I agree about the girl from Dillon, SC., by far she was the cutest. Pretty ladies all! Thank you, Stana.

  6. Contestant 3 above in red has is revealing balloon boobs. Does that violate your rules? I did notice that she actually wears heals in some of her photos, even in blue jeans.

  7. I have mixed feelings about these pageants. It bothers me that it's a "southern thing", that the least tolerant section of the country has the most of these pageants. I think it's passive aggressive and I think that they do it to make fun of us to a certain extent, and provide an "approved" outlet for closeted GLBT folk to long as they stay quiet and don't complain or be open otherwise.

    I also think it's a way for upper middle-class southern women, who might get frustrated at the slightly patriarchal culture down there that still insists on tranditional femininity in some ways, to take out those frustrations on their sons in an approved manner. In other words "I have to be all girly to fit in with the other ladies at the magnolia club so I'm going to give my son a taste of what I have to put up with in this pageant, and no one will say a damn thing because it's for a charity"