Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Women, More or Less

Aunty Marlena kindly sent me this link to an online back issue of Life magazine dated December 21, 1942. In a nutshell, it's an article about an all-male cast of soldiers en femme performing Clare Boothe Luce's  all-female satire The Women.



  1. Great story! I saw this as a college production last year, then rented the film. and just wish I could have seen the 1942 version described in this article. Perhaps it's time for a remake of the play with an "womanless cast."

  2. I agree Gina! Let's do our own production, all "womanless", with TG persons of all types... I love the 1940s look... just getting agreement on fashon styles will cause a little bit of negotiation... !

  3. Interesting to think. I wonder how many of the "girls" in that production were one of us.