Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I'm Back

greeting00 I have returned from my two-day birthday hiatus.

Yesterday, my family took me to the casino (in boy mode) to celebrate my birthday. I had a great day and it made it less painful turning another decade on the oldometer.

One of my trans friends works at the casino (in boy mode), but I have never run into her there... until yesterday.

As soon as we arrived at the casino, I recognized her in boy mode and greeted her. She greeted me back, but I could sense that she had no clue as to who I was; it took her a few seconds before she recognized me in boy mode, then we acted like the old friends we are.

It was one of those moments that are reserved for girls like us.


  1. Happy Birthday, Stana!

  2. We were talking about you at lunch :)

    She said that you befuddled her and it was your eyes that she recognized.

  3. Diana --- I guessed wrong; I thought she recognized my voice.

  4. The en femme looks so much better than the dumb coat-and-tie "birdbreast" monkey suit. I'm glad that only a few men at my liturgical church wear the noose!

    Now if we can have a few more brave men follow in Andrij Pijec's foot steps men might not have to wear the monkey suit for formal dress.


  5. Hi Stana

    My wife has told me that it is always the voice that would be recognised first by anyone that knows you. But then I take that as a compliment (that they wouldn't recognise me just by looking). Maybe it works like that in reverse for when you meet gf in boy mode.

    Hugs Tina x


  6. Hi Stana!
    Completely irrelevant to your post itself, but I can't help wondering:

    Why is each man extending the left arm?


    Monica _/!

  7. Good catch, Monica. I flipped the image in Photoshop without considering the arms!