Thursday, March 13, 2008


I am very excited about my day out en femme tomorrow. I don't do too many full days en femme, so tomorrow will be something special.

Stay tuned for a full report after the fact.


  1. Share a secret.... What kind of nails do you use? The tape-on ones don't stay on and the glue-on ones are usually too curved so they HURT and they're destroyed when I take them off (acetone).

    So what's the secret?

    Next week, I should have two days and the first thing I'm doing is a manicure!

    Have fun tomorrow!

  2. I use pre-glued press-on nails. They take five minutes to put on and usually stay on until I want to take them off (by soaking them in warm water).

    For years, I used Revlon's Maximum Speed nails, but they recently discontinued that product,. So, I am looking for a replacement once my stock of Revlons runs out (I bought mass quantities on eBay).

    By the way, I was blessed with thin long fingers, not "man's hands," so the press-on nails usually are a good fit.

  3. ::cough:: hey bee-yotch, I blogged about the conference last night. Where's your report? We're waiting.....

    Good to see you yesterday, hope your workshop went well. I'll be hanging around today as well in case you are there.....