Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I wish I lived in the Bay Area to participate in this event!

CATWALK, a new elite modeling competition that caters to the Transgender Community (male to female). The time has come for a modeling competition that embodies, class, beauty, style, fashion at its best! Its’ purpose is to encourage and empower the TG community to excel in the fast evolving world of fashion and unique marketing.

CATWALK, represent a new outlook for the transgender community. As the TG community is rapidly growing, empowerment, advocacy and leadership is instilled in this competition to secure proper representation of what the new TG community represents.

CATWALK corresponds to a cause! It is an event that responds to the HIV/AIDS epidemic and offers assistance unconditionally to serve the greater human race.

CATWALK symbolizes excitement, drama, pride, fun, movement, arts, delight, progrH style, evolution, pleasure, fashion, compassion, people, community and YOU!

Here is the CATWALK Web site.


  1. This sounds so fun. Surprisingly enough, Omaha does have more events like this (on a smaller scale) that one would probably guess. We have this club here called The Maxx and they sponsor mini shows like this from time to time. Overall, Omaha is a pretty GLBT-friendly community. We definitely have our share of 'necks, but I think that it just keeps getting better all the time.

  2. Fantastic! I just checked out Miss Max 24 Pageant photos in the photo gallery of the we site.