Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Saturday night outing

My support group's annual awards banquet is Saturday night. It is the local T-event of the year.

In recent years, the banquet headcount has been in the 60 to 70 range. I wonder if the economy ("The Bush Era of Prosperity") will have any effect on the headcount. I hope not because, as they say, "the more, the merrier."

The weather forecast for Saturday night is "mostly cloudy, with a low around 24." I plan to wear the cocktail dress I bought from Victoria's Secret last fall. Like a lot of what Victoria sells, my dress is skimpy, so I will have to wear one of my fake fur coats to fight off the cold temps Saturday night.

I will be performing in the "follies" after dinner is served. I lip sync and for this year's performance, I found a very obscure song from the early 1960s that I think will be very apropos for the event; the theme of the song is gender envy.

As usual, you can expect a full report here after the fact with lots of photos, too.


  1. We have not reached the break even point as of Monday, we still are six short.

  2. Looking forward to the report and especially the PHOTOS!

  3. My digital camera will know no bounds Saturday night!

  4. Sounds like a very exciting night...look forward to the 'post' awards post! Hope you have a great night Staci!

  5. Thank you for the good wishes, Sh@ney. And by the way, I added your blog to my T-Girl Links.