Sunday, August 12, 2007


Tomorrow morning, I begin a week-long work-related roadtrip to the State College area of central Pennsylvania. Most of my evenings will be free, so I packed two outfits to wear if I get an opportunity to go out en femme.

Due to the trip, I may not be able to post new blog entries as often as usual, but if I do go out en femme, I will have some new tales to tell here when I get back from the trip.


  1. Looks like you will not be attending RAW CCH this week.

    Have fun and I hope you make it out.

  2. Make sure to wear your outfit as much as you can and we want to see some photos of you in femme when you come back

  3. No RAW for me this week/month.

    I ate dinner tonight in the hotel restaurant in boy mode for two reasons: (1) after driving half the day, I was too tired to get into girl mode and (2) I wanted to check out the restaurant as a possible place to go en femme. Turns out that it definitely has potential for an en femme outing later this week (and the food was good, too).