Monday, August 6, 2007

the little rascal in a dress

When I was a kid, I was a big fan of the Our Gang/Little Rascals comedies. (Would you believe that I am so old that I saw my first Our Gang comedy in a movie theater as a short inserted between the newsreel, cartoon, coming attractions, and the main feature?)

Anyway, after my first taste of Spanky and his gang on the big screen, I sought out the series on television and over the years, I probably viewed every episode at least once including the early silent episodes.

One silent episode left a big impression on me. I only saw it two or three times, but I will never forget it. For years, I tried to track it down without much success. Even the Internet was not much help.

I was surfing the net last night, came upon a reference to the Our Gang series and it occurred to me that I had not had a go at looking for that episode in awhile. So, I googled the subject and found an excellent episode guide for the series.

Using that guide, I quickly found the episode I sought: One Terrible Day. It was the first episode listed and the first episode to be released (way back in 1922). Here is the brief description from the web site:
A wealthy society matron treats the underprivileged kids of the gang to an outing at her country estate. The gang turns both the journey and the visit at the farm into a chaotic adventure.

That sounds innocuous: just your typical Our Gang/Little Rascals plot, but there was a sub-plot that made an impact on my very impressionable pre-teen mind.

A little girl lived with the wealthy society matron (she was a niece, granddaughter, whatever, I don't remember). She was a well-behaved, little lady, however, when the gang arrived, she convinced one of the male gang members to switch places with her and they crossdressed in each other's clothes. After the girl and boy switched clothes, the girl became aggressive and dominated the boy in the dress.

I will always remember seeing the boy in the little girl's short dress and thinking that he looked just like a little girl. Also, I will always remember how the girl in drag pushed around the boy in drag.

As a kid, I was not aggressive and other kids bullied me and pushed me around. Maybe my subconscious mind decided that since I acted like that little rascal in drag that I should wear a dress, too. And a few years later, my subconscious mind won over my conscious mind and I donned my first (in a long line) of dresses.

Who knows?


  1. My brother used to let me dress him up. I have noticed that lots of boys who grow up to be non-crossdressers are curious to see what wearing a dress is like.

    The other day, we were in Whole Foods and we saw this very tall lanky cashier from behind. The cashier had long gorgeous hippy hair and a funky velvet quilted skirt on, but when he turned around we were very surprised to see a beard and moustache. Talk about busting stereotypes right outta the water. Yay for the skirt-wearing, long-haired, Whole Food cashier in Omaha, Nebraska.

    YEeeeeee ha!

  2. I can count on one hand the number of skirt-wearing non-crossdressing males I have seen over the years in ultra-liberal New England and NYC.

    In Omaha... who would've guessed!

  3. Well ... Remember, I teach high school. Those football players love to borrow the cheerleader's uniforms during spirit week ... and Halloween is always a crossdressing extravaganza in a high school setting -- even when I was in high school it was a totally regular thing. Omaha, NE is pretty dang conservative too ... but we do have the Maxx, which is a top-rated gay bar, where transness is embraced.