Thursday, August 2, 2007

poll results: who reads this blog?

Who reads this blog?

Well, 50 readers voted during the weeklong poll and here are the results:
33 (66%) are crossdressers/transvesites
12 (24%) are transsexuals
3 (6%) are curious observers of the trans phenomena
2 (4%) arrived her by mistake
3 (6%) are "none of the above"
Voters could choose multiple selections, so that accounts for the 53 votes by 50 voters.

Transfolk (crossdresser/transvestite/transsexual) represent 90% of my blog's readers (no surprise there).

And I'm curious, who are the three voters who selected "none of the above?" Why do they read this blog?

1 comment:

  1. Maybe the other 3 are wives of cds, or women who enjoy feminine men (I wish), or male "admirers", or...?

    I'm a crossdresser. Actually, I'm a happy dresser. I'm cross when I'm in pants.