Thursday, July 28, 2022

Wear a Bra!

Jenn wrote, “My wife and many close female friends are known to comment about how they can’t wait to take off their bra. Of course, as a crossdresser I can’t wait to put one on! What do you think about your bra?”

Whereas fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg once proclaimed, “Feel like a woman. Wear a dress!” I say, “Feel like a woman, Wear a bra!”

Is there any garment that defines womanhood more than a bra? Fashion forward fellows may dress like women from head to toe, but they don’t wear bras. Only women and femulators wear bras.

On occasion, I have femulated without wearing a bra because I did not have the correct style bra to go with a particular dress or top I was wearing and since I am already well-endowed for a guy, going bra-less was not a deal breaker. However, I prefer to wear a bra when I femulate.

Early on, I wore some ill-fitting bras. The band was too small and/or the shoulder straps too short and like Jenn’s lady friends, I could not wait to take off my bra.

After too many misfits, I decided that the only way to get a bra that fits is to get a professional bra-fitting at an intimate apparel shop or in the lingerie department of a department store.

Your mileage may vary, but I have been fitted for bras in both girl mode and boy mode in both venues and have never been turned away. In fact, the women performing the fittings were very helpful and seemed pleased to have a male join their bra-wearing sorority.

If you are unsure about which bra-selling venue to seek out for a fitting, you can always call ahead and ask. My niece worked at Victoria's Secret and she said that the saleswomen were used to fitting both men and women, so don't be shy – go for it, girl!

And if your bra is the correct fit, you won't even know you are wearing one!

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Wearing Venus

Greg Maraio
Greg Maraio femulating on stage in Casa Valentina


  1. AnonymousJuly 28, 2022

    I always get a chuckle that, when I tell myself I want to slip into something "a little more comfortable", it's the exact opposite of what women would do: I put ON a bra, panties, hose, heels,etc because they're what feel comforting to me.

    And as far as a bra, there is something comforting about feeling its constriction around my chest, just like the pinch of pointed shoes, that's a constant, sensual reminder of my femininity.

    Ciao! Elise

  2. Casa Valentina is about what was Casa Susanna in the NY Catskills

    1. AnonymousJuly 28, 2022

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  3. With my bra cup size of DD I need to.wear a bra whenever I am out in public. Also when I ride in or drive a vehicle it is uncomfortable for me not to wear a bra with the breasts jouncing.


  4. I 2nd the above comment, I WANT to feel the bra hugging me and the heels and tight skirt forcing me to adopt a feminine gait. I also want everything to be made of satin and to zip in the back so I'm confined to my clothing.

  5. Since I came out to my spouse and bought my first bras in 15 years, I've worn a bra 24/7 nearly every day. The only exceptions were days that I was home sick and lacking energy. Shortly after my coming out to my spouse, I've worn breast forms in my bra almost everywhere including work. I've grown from a "stuffed" a-cup to now a c-cup breast form for work. It's pretty obvious that I have breasts. Nobody has said anything to me about it or asked about my expanding chest.

    I've watched a Youtube video about how to make your own breast forms, too. Using uncooked rice and a pair of knee-highs worked well, I now wear these in a bra when I sleep. It's nice to not feel the additional warm sweaty surface of silicone breast forms against my skin when sleeping.
    That's my story


  6. AnonymousJuly 29, 2022

    It is important to breast health to wear a properly fitting, well-supporting bra.

    As a woman ages, her breast tissue softens -- and with a weight gain, it can get heavier. "Sag" is an ugly word.

    I gave up searching for a commercial version of the pretty little all-cotton, all-woven bras of my youth. Dixie Belle doesn't make them anymore. So, I make my own, with the help of patterns and textbooks from the Canadian company Bra Makers Supply. My favorite pattern of theirs is the Ingrid ... it gathers all my fleshy bits into a mono-bosom. Very much more comfortable than flopping and bouncing. I know that is not the goal of most femulators.

    If you sew at all, you can find patterns for bullet bras, padded bras, bras that lift and separate, etc. Supplies are mostly available only by mail-order; though some fabric stores have a decent selection of stuff for "performance" wear.

  7. AnonymousJuly 30, 2022

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