Saturday, July 2, 2022

Someday Funnies

Source: Bebe
Wearing Bebe

A Modern Sewing Society.
The all-male cast of A Modern Sewing Society.


  1. Got to Love that Sewing Society!!!

  2. I won’t be femulating her as I was looking at jumpsuits today (I have been tempted for a while) but the idea of having to remove most of it for basic daily functions seemed so awkward and retrograde that I decided to stick with skirts and dresses instead. I know I’ll be thinking about it again next summer, though.

    1. Agreed. I had a friend who's favorite outfit was a body suit and wrap around skirt. She literally had to strip down to use the loo.

    2. Angela, A couple of years ago, as I was driving from Baltimore to Harrisburg, PA to attend The Keystone Conference, I was wearing a very nice blue patterned jumpsuit. I followed my own "Mom's advice" and "did my business" before leaving the salon where I had my hair and makeup done. But maybe halfway between York and Harrisburg I got "that feeling". But was I going to stop in a roadside place -- most certainly not a filling station -- and remove my jumpsuit to my ankles or take my chances??? I gritted my teeth, accelerated some more and toughed it out to the hotel. When I was greeted by a doorman I excused myself, asked for directions to the ladies room and took off as fast as I could go. A close call, indeed. Whew!

  3. Stigmas come and stigmas go. So here's a group of men femulating, and they're all making an effort to look the part (some more successful than others -- non-"civilians"?) but there are none of them looking dopey, or very obviously men in a dress. The people in the audience most likely enjoyed the show with no stigmas attached. And after acting in this play the actors got on with their lives and their experience became, I trust, a good memory. Female impersonators were accepted and regular entertainers in theaters and other large venues, well advertised as opposed to todays "word of mouth" shows that are not in theaters, but in clubs and restaurants/bars. So what did these excellent entertainers do to be shoved into mostly dark corners?? Not a thing. Sometimes society evolves, sometimes it devolves, doesn't it?