Wednesday, November 28, 2007

trying on a dress

"I never feel comfortable in the women's department. I feel like I'm just a little too close to trying on a dress."

So said Jerry in "The Red Dot" episode of Seinfeld.

On Seinfeld, Jerry did not play a trans character. In real life, I am not aware that Jerry is a trans person.

Larry David wrote "The Red Dot" episode and as far as I know, Larry is not a trans person either.

My point is that the "too close to trying on a dress" line came from a non-trans person. Admittedly, it was intended to be humorous, but I wonder if there is a grain of truth buried in that line.

Do non-trans men feel uncomfortable in women's department because they feel like they are a little too close to trying on a dress?

I don't know because I am trans. Whenever I am in the women's department, I always feel close to trying on a dress. In fact, I would love to try on a dress if I see one I like and I have actually done so on more than one occasion in boy mode.

But do non-trans men have thoughts about wearing dresses?

I am sure that the average guy would not admit it except in jest because he would not want to muddle up his masculine image. But, it does make me wonder how close the average guy is to joining my team.


  1. Maybe it is because they feel like someone might see them and think that they are a crossdressers. Maybe it is transphobia or heterosexism?

  2. When I look at women's clothing in a store in boy mode, the thought that others might think I am a crossdresser is often on my mind.

  3. For some "unexplainable" reason I notice more and more men hanging around the women's section..Maybe they're getting the urge to try on a dress.I have seen men in the shoe dept trieng on women's shoes.

  4. I have tried on women's shoes and clothing while in boy mode, but I don't recall ever seeing another guy doing the same.