Wednesday, November 7, 2007

new outreach venue

After the dust settled yesterday, it turns out that I will be doing outreach at a graduate level family therapy class at the University of Hartford on Tuesday evening. This is a new venue for me, so I am excited about it.

Most of my previous outreaches have been with undergraduate students. Next Tuesday, the students will be future school counselors, psychologists, and therapists in private practice, so I expect that the Q & A will be a few notches higher than what I usually encounter.

It should be an interesting evening!


  1. Best wishes, Staci.
    Such outreach is important. grad students need to hear from the T community itself, for first person experience and data....
    Doing that ourselves meets the world and make for better understanding and research.

  2. You're right, Debbie.

    Whenever I do outreach, I usually get positive feedback from the students, so I guess I am making a positive impression.