Friday, September 21, 2007

arms too long or sleeves too short

I ran some errands during lunch in boy mode. My errands took me to the mall. The Torrid store where I bought my outfits for the fashion show is in the mall. I had photos from the fashion show that I wanted to show them to Jo, the manager of the store, who was so helpful when I picked out the outfits to model.

Entering the store, I did not see the Jo, but another saleswoman, Tiffany, greeted me. I asked for Jo, but she was on another assignment. I explained I had photos to show Jo and Tiffany seemed interested, so I asked if she wanted to see them. She did.

She gushed over the photos and told me when Jo would be back so that I could show her the photos, too.

Since I was in the store, I asked what was new and Tiffany showed me a plaid belted coat to die for. I tried it on, but my arms are too long or the coat sleeves too short. Too bad... I would have bought the coat on the spot.


  1. Staci and all,
    I think we should all be careful when getting gushing compliments from salespeople. Rember: they want to treat the customer right, to get that sale.
    They have money foremost in mind.
    They may not be the best source of truthful feedback.
    And we are desperate for women to relate to us and get feedback!

  2. Believe me, I did take the gush with a grain of salt.