Monday, March 19, 2007

the elephant in the room

A lot of my relatives are aware that I crossdress. I won't explain how they know, but I assure you that they know. (Also, some of them don't know that I know that they know.)

When I visit my relatives who are in the know, I feel like I am the elephant in the room because no one will say anything to me about my crossdressing, although I know that they speak about it behind my back.

I think I should dress en femme this upcoming Easter Sunday. I'm thinking of a real girly pastel dress with matching purse and heels, etc., etc. Then go visit my relatives.

I wonder if they would mention my crossdressing then?


  1. Staci, you are SO good at picking out pictures that speak to me, pictures of women I'd love to femulate! One is this one that's attached to this post (pink), and the other was Sunday morning's (white blouse and black skirt). I used that on my own blog as well!

  2. Go for it..the sooner WE get out of the closet..the sooner we can live our lives