Tuesday, February 20, 2007

public restrooms

One concern I have when I am out en femme is the restroom issue. I try to avoid drinking much before or during my outings to avoid the necessity of using a public restroom. However, sometimes I cannot avoid it, so I throw caution to the wind and use the women's restroom.

So far, so good. I have never had a problem using a women's restroom. (Knock on wood!)

To the rescue is a new (to me) web site called safe2pee.org that is a directory of "gender neutral bathrooms" in the United States. Simply enter a location (city and state), and the web site lists the gender neutral bathrooms (if any) for that location. The listing includes maps to facilitate finding a restroom in time of need.

For Connecticut, the directory lists gender neutral bathrooms in Hartford, Middletown, New Haven, and Waterbury. I am sure there are lots more. If you know of any that are not in the directory, you can add entries yourself (I added the Waterbury entry) and I encourage you to do so to make this directory as complete as possible.

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