Monday, February 26, 2007

the Academy Awards and me

Last night, I watched the Academy Awards pre-shows on E! and ABC followed by the actual awards show. I called it quits about 11:15 PM. I had to go to work Monday morning and 11:15 PM is past my bedtime for a work night.

The awards lasted until almost 1 AM, but it is not like I missed much. Between the two pre-shows and the three hours of the awards show that I actually watch, I think I saw enough gown-wise.

I am a film fan, and I root for certain films to win awards, but my primary reason for watching the awards is to see what the girls are wearing and to fantasize how I would look in the same outfits.

Cameron Diaz was the best in my opinion. She looked perfect and I hope she invites me over to try on her gown real soon now.

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