Friday, September 16, 2016

How to Determine Your Face Shape

This is the first in a seven-part series of posts written by Femulate Contributing Editor Susan King of Transitioning into Tomorrow fame regarding how to determine your face shape and then, how to put that information to good use, for example, how hairstyles and face shapes get along

Knowing your face shape can help you project a more feminine look by matching your face shape with glasses (if needed), hair style, hat, earrings, eyebrows and blush placement. Using these items to create a pretty look may seem difficult at first, but it is fun and will help you create a more feminine appearance. Remember, this is more art than science. We are going to create a guideline and helps you to choose the items that may work the best. Your mileage may vary, so feel free to make changes to suit you.

I have found nine different face shapes. Most articles and videos cover less than nine by merging some of these together.

I have four ways to find your face shape. Two are based on charts and two using videos. Figure out which technique is best for you. You may want to try different ones to see which works best for you.

Good luck and have fun. Sometimes we are too serious. Being a girl is fun!

By Measuring

By Flowcharting

By Liplining a Mirror

as described in this video.

By Measuring 

as explained in this video.

Source: Nine West
Wearing Nine West.

father and son
Reputed to be femulating father and son, but I am not so sure about the son.


  1. This picture is from Mariette Pathy Allen's Book "Transformations". It's Paula and daughter. I'm sure you have a copy. -Barbra Anne Taylor

    1. Thank you, Barbra. I do have the book, but the last time I looked at it was around the turn of the century.