Wednesday, April 25, 2007

a rare sighting

During my lunch hour, I usually walk a mile or so around the office park here where I work.

Yesterday, while I was walking by the parking lot of one of our neighbors, I heard one of my favorite sounds: high heels clicking on pavement. I looked around and found the source of the sound: a woman walking through the parking lot wearing high heels. She also wore a skirt or dress with a mid-calf hemline under a long coat.

What a rare sight! On the average, I see one or two dozen women on my daily lunch hour walks, but I seldom see any wearing skirts and heels. Usually they wear slacks, trousers, or jeans with sneakers or flats, which is what I usually wear when I walk.

And that's the problem! If more women wore skirts and heels, then I wouldn't stand out so much when I wear skirts and heels.


  1. Being a fulltime cd, and living in a Jewish area where most of the women wear skirts,I truly appreciate your point.I wear heels most of the time and wish real women would also.

    Keep up the great Blog

  2. Hi, Esti and Staci! You're so right about the sound of high heels on pavement. It's a wakeup call for us CDs!. Just like Esti, I also live in an area where women wear skirts and dresses. I hate pants on women, unless, of course, they weigh 300 lbs.!