Monday, September 9, 2019

Fall Just Fell

Mother Nature pushed the fall weather button a few days ago and the daytime temperatures have dipped from the high 80's to the low-70's. And I noticed the leaves on a few trees around here already changing colors.

Not that there is anything wrong with that. Sans hurricanes, the weather is beautiful here in September. It is cool enough to femulate without worrying about wig, makeup, and/or foundation garment perspiration, yet it is warm enough to go out without a coat. And the fall fashions are to die for.

My summer was a wipeout because of my back problems, but fall looks promising now that my back is back to normal. And in anticipation of fall femulations, I bought some new clothes.

Top left is a slouchy Dolman sweater and plaid mini skirt from JustFab.

Top right is a plaid button detail dress from Venus.

Bottom left is a plain button detail sweater dress from Venus.

Bottom right is pleated sweater dress from Venus.

You will never guess that I like plaid!

The blue plaid was available a few weeks before the red plaid. I ordered the blue plaid as soon as I saw it.

Before it was delivered, Venus began showing the red plaid. To tell you the truth, if the red and blue were available at the same time, I’m not sure I would have ordered the blue because the back of the blue has a v-neck that matches its front. And that requires extra hair removal.

Removing back hair is not easy and I am never confident that I did a thorough job. Is there a tuff of hair that I missed that will give me away? And so it goes.

Hemlines in the photos above are thigh high, but in person, they are not that short. I assume that the models in the photos wear a size 0 or smaller. Whereas I wear a size 12 or 14 and the larger the size, it seems that the hemlines are longer. Rather than being thigh high as they appear above, they fall just above the knee on me.

And so it goes again!

Source: Intermix

Wearing Alberta-Ferretti coat, Ulla Johnson sweater, Georgia Alice skirt and Gigi Burris fedora (Source: Intermix)

Damon Herriman
Damon Herriman plays a transwoman on the Netflix series Secret City.


  1. Margeaux572000@yahoo.comSeptember 09, 2019

    I'm waiting for fall here,still in the 90s for two more weeks

  2. Watching Secret City now. The film-makers did a brilliant job with Damon's make up, wardrobe, wig and prosthetics.

  3. I vote for the button down from Venus, love it!!!

  4. Love those classic plaids! I picked one up at Nordstrom Rack at the end of winter and can't wait to wear it. But it doesn't have those eye-catching buttons like yours.

    You have such gorgeous legs, Stana, and short hems look great on you. I wish I were so lucky.

  5. I've seen the black Venus (lower left) before and have resisted --- but now . . . .

  6. Ya' just gotta LOVE the FEDORA.
    Owner of MANY (gurl) HATS
    AND ONE green, well used(read dirty),
    'Mack Trucks' ball cap! ;-)